About Teaching Faculties

                   There is a team of well qualified and dedicated staff members who work hard for the betterment of students. Students are supplied with best instructive materials to cope up with the demand of this competitive world. Tests and Seminars are conducted periodically. Progress reports about the performance of the students along with attendance particulars are sent to parents periodically.

                    Well qualified and dedicated faculty members are there to impart the technical knowledge to the students to meet out the global needs of the industry by giving the learning materials and conducting seminars periodically.

Dept. Of Basic Engineering                                                

Mrs.Pushpa, M.Sc.,B.Ed., Head of the Department I/C

Mr. R.Sasi, M.Sc., B.Ed., Lecturer/Maths

Mr.S. Muthuvel, M.Sc.B.Ed., Lecturer/Maths

Ms.M.S.Santhiya, M.Sc.B.Ed., Lecturer/Maths

Mr.Rajalingam, M.Sc.B.Ed., Lecturer/Maths

Mr.T.Sathish Kumar, M.Sc.,B.Ed., Lecturer/Physics

Mr.K.Bharathiraja, M.Sc.,B.Ed., Lecturer/Physics

Mr.N.Mohan Raj, M.Sc.,B.Ed., Lecturer/Chemistry

Mr.A.Bomman, M.Sc.,B.Ed., Lecturer/Chemistry

Mr. N.Thanabal, M.A.,B.Ed., Lecturer/English

Mr.J.Kavingar, M.A.,B.Ed., Lecturer/English

Dept. Of Civil Engineering

Mr.A.Thiyagarajan, B.E., Head of the Department I/C

Mr.P.Rajaganapathy, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.T.Anbarasu, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.V.Nanthagopal, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.M.Marutharaj, B.E., Lecturer

Ms.M.Selvajeeva, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.N.Ravi, D.C.E., Instructor

Mr.P.Kendiaiya, D.C.E., Instructor

Dept Of Electrical and Electronics engineering


Dept Of Electronics and Communication engineering

Mr.L.Sathish kannan, B.E., Head of the Department I/C

Mr.K. SatishKumar, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.R.Ramesh, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.K.Nirubanchakaravarthi, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.R.Karthickeyan, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.C.Karthi, B.E., Lecturer

Mrs.M.Gunasundari B.E., Lecturer

Mrs.M.Menaga B.E., Lecturer

Mr.P.Manikandan, D.E.E., Instructor

Mr.A.Vijaya Baskar, D.E.E., Instructor

Dept. Of Mechanincal Engineering

Mr.S.Sakthivel, B.E., Head of the Department I/C

Mr.S.Saravanakumar, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.P.Prabhakaran, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.V.Venkatesh, B.E, Lecturer

Mr.S.Vetrivel, B.E, Lecturer

Mr.S.Hari Prashath, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.S.Saravanan, B.E.,Lecturer

Mr.K..Manivel, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.T.Selvarasu, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.A.Sanjeev Raj, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.P.Rajesh, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.S.Safeek Anvar, B.E., Lecturer

Mr.S.Suresh kumar, D.M.E., Instructor

Mr.G.Manikandan, D.M.E., Instructor