Founder Message

      Dr.S.RAJAN M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D, Founder                         

                     Time moves on at its own pace without bothering about anything or anymore. If we lose time, it is lost forever. Every year we do many things, sometimes repeat. But do we show improvement in our activities? Are we doing better? Be it in studies. , games, or any other activity - do we make it a point to improve and better our performance.

               How do we improve? - By realizing the mistakes or the missing aspects in our past actions. We can either do it ourselves, or get others to guide us. Once we identify the problem,  it is easy to rectify it. More importantly, we should have the humility to accept when we are in the wrong and the determination to correct ourselves. Determination paves way for confidence and faith, which eventually will lead us to success. Faith coupled with sincerity is the keynote for success. Confidence in oneself, belief in others and above all, faith in God will lead one to great heights. Let us strive to do our best in whatever we do.

            We appreciate the efforts of our children who have contributed towards their magazine: small or big, humble or great each one has come out with his/her ability. This will be the beginning, which when polished in due course, will shine more & more.