EEE lab

       Electrical Engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. In our institution we are training our students to get full knowledge about electrical and its applications. The department was established in the year 2010 and delivering trained Diploma candidate to electrical based sectors.

Electrical machines and instrumentation Laboratory

        Our Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory is equipped with various transducers and instrumentation trainers; resistive, capacitive and inductive measurement systems; LVDTs and strain gauges; thermocouples and RTDs; light sources and transducers; heating bars and digital thermometers; signal transmission and conditioning systems; and computer data acquisition systems. The lab also contains many basic electrical variables and time measurement equipment, such as frequency counters, digital stopwatches, digital multimeters and oscilloscopes.

Wiring and winding laboratory

         Execute the wiring to control three lamps Individually, stair case wiring  emergency alarm circuit, wiring to connect a single phase motor with main switch , D.O.L starter and  M.C.B, wiring to connect a 3 phase Induction motor with main switch, star/delta starter and E.L.C.B, wiring for 1 phase service connection with necessary items, wiring to control lamps (Sodium vapour lamp, mercury vapour lamp, Fluorescent, Tube and Neon sign lamp) with a provision of fuse/ M.C.B/Electronic chock / switches  Execute the wiring for test board with necessary items.

Control of electrical machines lab

          Control of Electrical machines lab has various types of starters in AC & DC, Breaking, Plugging, Reversing, Control both AC and DC, Programmable Logic Controller and GTO Characteristics. The Department has a full-fledged project center where students are given opportunities to apply their ideas and create something new. Experts from industries come regularly to guide the students at the project center.

Computer Aided Electrical Drawing

        Computer aided electrical drawing emphasises on design concept and drawing electrical apparatus based on design approach. 2D diagrams using Auto CAD,Symbols widely used in Electrical and Electronics circuits, Starter circuits and winding diagrams, The line diagrams of substations and the simple basic diagrams for laboratory circuits.