School is a place where a student develops her/his skill for life to face the competitive world after the school life. Being thoughtful of this fact and to enrich the students, the school aims at comprehensive education, proper training for academic achievements and building of intellectual ability.

School is a place which changes a child’s life. So the school is the place of encouraging, impressing, motivating, pacifying & strengthening the student to march forward in order to achieve her/his dreams. So that it is taken care that the atmosphere and surrounding is spacious enough with airy bright classrooms, large playgrounds, fitness centre to take care of the Physical Health, newly built skating ground, well equipped labs, stacks of books in the Library to nourish the student’s knowledge with reprography facility, Computer labs with Internet facility, Smart class rooms, Audio visual hall to make the student’s learning more interesting and attractive, an Assembly ground with proper music and sound system amidst of multistoried blocks, 24 hours water and electricity services, spacious Mess Hall with Nutritious Food, Hygienic toilets and Transport facilities. Innumerable activities are conducted in and out of the Class rooms- Bharatam, Karate, Music [ Vocal and Instrumental ], Silambam, Skating etc.,