Smart Class

     Smart class is the next way of learning for the new generation to excel. It is an advance technology for the students which enrich the classrooms in several ways.

Five important reasons for kongunadu schools upholding of smart classes:

1. Provides Flexibility:

It includes photos, illustrations, maps, graphs, games, videos, etc. It helps to expand the nature of the content.

2. Enhanced Teaching:

The students can learn by two ways; one by vision and other by hearing.

3. Interact and Share:

It is a Platform for the students to demonstrate their grasping power of the subject through writing, drawing, presentation etc .,

4. Low-Maintenance:

The data on the screen can be modified by using a specialized tool (marker pen).

5. Technology Integration:

It is possible to attach tools such as microscope, document, camera etc. Students will find it easy on understanding the overall lesson.

Over all speciality of smart classes at Kongunadu Matric.Hr.Sec.School:

  •  Subject related topics are taught for the students.
  •  Interest in learning the topic/subject.
  •  Easy to update in their mind.
  •  Students can learn the new informations by more clippings or videos.
  •  They can learn by Picturization, experiments practical, graphical form of learning.
  •  They can understand the topic short and easy way.
  •  Students mind diversions are avoided.